Roadside Checks Uncover Extent of Emissions Cheat Devices


Roadside Checks Uncover the Extent of Emissions Cheat Devices

Roadside Checks

Since the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) started their roadside emissions tests last year, 1 in every 13 trucks have been found to be fitted with (illegal) emissions cheat devices.

Between August and November 2017, the DVSA carried out emissions tests on 3,735 trucks in the UK, 293 of these had some form of cheat device designed to modify the data from the emission sensors and deceive the engine management system that the exhaust emissions are within specified parameters.


To ensure you don’t have the long arm of the law resting rather heavily on your shoulder when your vehicle is pulled in for a roadside check, it is vital to confirm that your AdBlue system is working correctly. Repairs can without doubt look to be very costly, but those costs will fade into insignificance compared to the fines that the DVSA are handing out, not to mention the legal costs incurred attempting to defend your licence at a hearing in front of the Traffic Commissioner and the unquantifiable costs if you were to have your licence suspended or even worse, revoked.

Here at VTP, we can help to ease the pain at least a little, as we offer a comprehensive range of original equipment AdBlue Pumps, Dosing Units and NOX Sensors.

Examples of the products currently selling in large numbers include the AdBlue Pumping Unit 230511OEM, the Dosage Unit 230509OEM, NOX Sensor 230491OEM and of course a number of emissions related items not listed in this post.

Sales of these, and many other related parts at VTP have seen rapid growth since the introduction of these roadside checks, which is obviously good for us as a business, but also enables us to source these items at ever more competitive prices and pass the savings on to our customers.


Now for some controversial food for thought;

Taking an admittedly rather cynical persona, it’s interesting to note that when one of our UK Hauliers has been found to have fraudulently flaunted EU emissions legislation, the appropriate regulatory body (quite rightly) throws the book at them, dishing out ever larger fines, together with the very strong possibility of their operator’s licence being revoked…………………..

On the other hand, we have a certain very well-known German car manufacturer that has clearly been proved to have engaged in blatant cheating / rigging of the engine management software in order to falsify test results to gain compliance with global emissions certification on a truly “industrial scale” and here in the UK our law enforcement agencies appear to have no appetite whatsoever to prosecute this carefully calculated and gross abuse of emissions legislation. Meanwhile, across the pond, the good old ‘Litigation Happy Yanks’ have managed to impose a 4.3 billion dollar fine on the same German car maker.

The same cynic might say that is one for the UK/US conspiracy theorists to take up after they sort out who really shot JFK?

AdBlue Dosing Unit
(VTP Part No. 230509OEM)

230509OEM Roadside Checks

Brand: Volvo
Fitments: FH/FM 2005>, FMX 2010>
OE’s: 21738132, 7421738134, 21234247

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Nox Sensor
(VTP Part No. 230491OEM)

230491OEM Roadside Checks

Brand: Volvo, Volvo Coach
Fitments: FH/FM 2008>, FL&FE 2006>, B7/9/1/12/13
OE’s: 22219283, 21984358, 21567736, 21387788, 20873117, 20873395, 74219283, 7422315990, 22827993, 7422219283, 21244501, 21244501, 22315990, 7421984358, 21473997

230491OEM Click To Buy

AdBlue Pump
(VTP Part No. 230511OEM)

230511OEM Roadside Checks

Brand: Volvo
Fitments: FH/FM 2005>, FMX 2010>
OE’s: 21200982, 21350672, 21911392, 21966582, 22057001, 22169009, 85013130, 85013280, 85013465, 85013737, 85020841, 20975638, 21002996, 21161861, 22668886, 20766846, 20908711, 7420766847, 7420908735, 7420975638, 7420975695, 7421002997, 7421161862

230511OEM Click To Buy

Nox Sensor
(VTP Part No. 130223OEM)


130223OEM Roadside Checks

Brand: Scania
Fitments: PRTG Series
OE’s: 2296799, 1732461, 1782596, 1872080, 1903536, 2020691, 2020691

230511OEM Click To Buy

Nox Sensor
(VTP Part No. 530120OEM)


530120OEM Roadside Checks

Brand: DAF
Fitments: CF75, CF85, XF105
OE’s: 1744683, 1793378, 1836059, 2011648

530120OEM Click To Buy



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