Get Prepared For The Darker Nights

The Clocks Go Back On Sunday!

In preparation for the darker evenings ensure your truck headlamps are in working order and replace your bulbs.

We have a wide range of lamps and bulbs in stock for Volvo, Scania, DAF and Renault trucks.

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280015 Replacement Bulbs

Capless Bulb 24V 1.2W
(VTP Part No. 280015)
Brand: Volvo
Fitments: FL6: 1986>2006, FH/FM: All Models


180041 Replacement Bulb

Xenon Bulb 35W
(VTP Part No. 180041)
Brand: Scania
Fitments: PRTG Series
OE’s: 1521569, 9438777


108342 Replacement Bulb

Number Plate Lamp
(VTP Part No. 108342)
Brand: Scania
Fitments: 4 Series
OE’s: 1379384, 419888


208147 Replacement Bulb

Rear Lamp L/H & R/H
(VTP Part No. 208147)
Brand: Volvo
Fitments: FH/FM: 1999>2005
OE’s: 3981459


108273 Replacement Bulb

Headlamp Assembly R/H (RHD Version)
(VTP Part No. 108273)
Brand: Scania
Fitments: 4 Series, PRT Series
OE’s: 1732508, 1467002


108272 Replacement Bulb

Headlamp Assembly L/H (RHD Version)
(VTP Part No. 108272)
Brand: Scania
Fitments: 4 Series, PRT Series
OE’s: 1732507, 1467001


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