Is Vera Coming For Your Job?

Is Vera Coming For Your Job?

We’ve all seen the latest announcements about electric trucks, but this one took us by surprise… Volvo Vera, a driverless vehicle, designed to replace the cab of a truck.

The cab-less vehicle still posesses the ability to attach standard trailers, is designed to pull a load up to 32 tonnes, and handle a 187 mile range with its 300kw batteries.

The change will see multiple drivers replaced by one technician who runs the computer programme, which is monitored by a cloud based service. The electric components and computer system is said to maximise efficiency by reducing the cost of fuel, and completely removing the expense of driver wages. The vehicle will have minimal maintenance due to being electrical, and will be able to run continually because there will be no need for driver breaks, only needing to stop to recharge.

“It’s designed to be safe, it’s quiet and totally predictable, down to the cost of savings.. Nothing similar to what you’ve seen from us before. In fact it’s impossible to drive”.

Michael Karlsson, Vice President of Autonomous Solutions at Volvo Trucks.


It was originally designed to carry freight in confined spaces, such as ports and warehouses, however we imagine it won’t be long until this technology is being used on motorways. Volvo announced that Vera is being made ‘for regular and repetitive tasks characterised by relatively short distances, large volumes of goods and high delivery precision’.

But can a computer system really replace human intuition?

There is no official launch date as yet, Volvo merely mentioned that the truck would be available to buy in the ‘near future’.


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