New Parts In Stock – April 2018


New parts In Stock – April 2018

Cojali specialise in cooling systems for commercial vehicles; designing, developing and manufacturing high quality elements that overcome the most demanding controls, in order to get the vehicle in optimum condition.

Being the only manufacturer of spare parts that produces fan clutches with electronic control for commercial vehicles, makes it one of the most outstanding companies in the market.

VTP are proud to bring Cojali products to our customers at highly competitive prices.

Thermal Fan Hub 680mm
(VTP Part No. 202398NB


202398NB - Cojali

Brand: Volvo
Fitments: FM 2002>2012

OE’s: 20266633

202398 Thermal Fan Hub Cojali

Viscous Fan Complete
(VTP Part No. 220066)


220066 - Cojali

Brand: Volvo
Fitments: FE 2006>

OE’s: 20867274

220066 Viscous Fan Cojali

Fan Hub Without Blades, Electric
(VTP Part No. 220049NB)


220049NB - Cojali

Brand: Volvo
Fitments: FH13 2013>

OE’s: 20765593, 21382371, 85003294

220049NB Fan Hub Cojali

Viscous Fan
(VTP Part No. 120001)

120001 - Cojali

Brand: Scania
Fitments: PRTG Series

OE’s: 1520308, 1763618, 2052005, 2132264

120001 Viscous Fan Cojali

Electric Fan Hub 680mm
(VTP Part No. 120016NB)


120016NB - Cojali

Brand: Scania
Fitments: PRT Series

OE’s: 1453968, 2052007

120016NB Electric Fan Hub Cojali

Viscous Fan Clutch
(VTP Part No. 520025)


520025 - Cojali

Brand: DAF
Fitments: 85CF, CF85

OE’s: 1441774, 1449677, 1666157, 1680937

520025 Viscous Fan Clutch

Viscous Fan Hub
(VTP Part No. 620031)


620031 - Cojali

Brand: Renault
Fitments: Premium II TR/PR, Kerax DXi11

OE’s: 7420880406, 7420993866

620031 Viscous Fan Hub Cojali


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