New Parts In Stock – December 2018

New Parts In Stock - August 2018


New Parts In Stock – December 2018

At VTP we have over 10,000 truck & coach, OEM & aftermarket parts in stock, to suit Volvo, Scania, DAF, Renault, MAN, Mercedes and Iveco.

Here are just a few of the new parts in stock at VTP this month. These parts will fit a variety of Volvo, Scania, DAF & Renault trucks. To view our full range click the banner at the top of this page.

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Fuel Pressure Sensor
(VTP Part No. 130204

Brand: Scania
Fitments: 4 Series, PRTG DC12, DT12

OE’s: 1862895, 1862821, 1539110


Power Steering Pump
(VTP Part No. 250075)

Brand: Volvo, Renault
Fitments: FH/FM 2006>, Premium II

OE’s: 21110365, 21186656, 21488833, 7421186659, 7421489078, 21186659


Track Rod Assembly
(VTP Part No. 250105)

Brand: Volvo
Fitments: FH/FM 2013>

OE’s: 22325737, 21262030, 7421262030, 7422325737


Accelerator Potentiometer, 6 Pin
(VTP Part No. 630066)

Brand: Renault
Fitments: Premium II

OE’s: 7420832163, 7421059642, 7421059645, 7482492421


Power Steering Pump
(VTP Part No. 650026)

Brand: Renault
Fitments: Premium TR/PR, Kerax

OE: 5001865389, 5010600046



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