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At VTP we sell both New & Used truck parts to suit your budget

 We have an ever growing selection of second hand parts at a discounted rate.


Silencer (Used)
(VTP Part No. 2C-S/715)

2C-S/715 Second Hand Parts

Brand: Volvo
Fitments: FL/FE 2008>
OE’s: 21583715, 21058558, 21571606

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Camshaft (Used)
(VTP Part No. 2A-CAS/194)

2A-CAS-194 Second Hand Parts

Brand: Volvo, Volvo Coach
Fitments: FM 2008>2012, B11R
OE’s: 21189194, 7421189194


Shutter Housing (Used)
(VTP Part No. 2C-SH/D7F)

2C-SH/D7F Second Hand Parts

Brand: Volvo
Fitments: FL 2009>
OE’s: 21301222, 21212238, 21088786, 20939160

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Engine Sump, Plastic (Used)
(VTP Part No. 2A-S/D11)

2A-S/D11 Second Hand Parts

Brand: Volvo, Renault
Fitments: FM 2008>, Premium II TR/PR, Kerax DXi11
OE’s: 20801538, 7420801538

2A-S/D11 Click To Buy

Inlet Manifold (Used)
(VTP Part No. 2A-IM/D11C)

2A-IM-D11C Second Hand Parts

Brand: Volvo
Fitments: FM
OE’s: 21318650

2A-IM/D11C Click To Buy

Halfshaft (Used)
(VTP Part No. 4-HS/2101)

4-HS-2101 Second Hand Parts

Brand: Volvo
Fitments: FH/FM
OE’s: 20836831, 7420836831

4-HS/2101 Click To Buy


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