We Stock A Huge Range Of Remanufactured Truck Parts

As well as selling brand new parts, we also have a huge range of remanufactured parts in stock.

Guaranteed Quality
All of our remanufactured parts come with 12 months warranty.

Cost effective
Remanufactured parts are often a more budget friendly alternative to a brand new product.

Eco friendly
Remanufacturing products saves energy and raw materials that would be used to manufacture a brand new part, helping reduce emissions and waste.


Cab Anti-Roll Bar 1747046

Remanufactured Cab Anti-Roll Bar
(VTP Part No. 190261R)
Brand: Scania
Fitments: 4 Series, P-R-T-G Series
OE’s: 1747046

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Gearbox 3190576

Remanufactured Gearbox AT2612D
(VTP Part No. 240083R)
Brand: Volvo
Fitments: FH/FM 2008>2012
OE’s: 3190576, 85001346

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Centre Bearing Assembly 20455160

Remanufactured Centre Bearing Assembly
(VTP Part No. 207922R)
Brand: Volvo
Fitments: FH 2002>2005, FM 1999>2005
OE’s: 20455160, 20455169

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Diff RSS1344 20836788

Remanufactured Differential RSS1344 3.36 Ratio
(VTP Part No. 270162R)
Brand: Volvo
Fitments: FH/FM 2002>2005
OE’s: 20836788

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Brake Caliper 20526990

Remanufactured Brake Caliper R/H Drive Axle
(VTP Part No. 206802R)
Brand: Volvo, Volvo Coach
Fitments: FH13: 2006>2007, FM13: 2006>2012
OE’s: 20526990, 20523553

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