How To Enhance Safety Between Truck Drivers & Cyclists

Summer is here, and the Tour de France has come to an end, meaning more and more people are choosing cycling as their form of transport. We may find cyclists ‘get in our way’ but what can be done to enable us to safely share the roads?

In 2013 nearly 17 crashes involving HGVs were reported every day in England and Wales, even though HGVs only make up approximately 10% of all traffic. Heavy Goods Vehicles are involved in one in five fatal crashes on A-roads, as well as being five times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash on a minor road than any other vehicle.

Despite making up only 4% of road miles driven in the city, trucks were involved in more than 70% of cyclist fatalities in London across the last three years, according to statistics from the city’s transport authority, Transport for London. Drastic plans have been put in place in order to lower this number.

Will Norman

London’s Goals For 2041

  • Zero serious accidents or fatalities on its roads.
  • 80 per cent of all Londoners’ trips are expected to be made on foot, by cycle or using public transport, according to Transport for London.
Will Norman
Walking and Cycling Comissioner at Transport for London


Things for you to consider

Three things to consider as a truck driver before your journey.

Plan the Route
Before you set off for your journey make sure you know exactly how and where you are going, it may also be helpful to know an alternative route in the case of unexpected delays etc. It is extremely important to know and plan ahead, so you can avoid potentially busy, and narrow roads where your truck may not fit.

Check all Mirrors and Brakes

Before any journey test your brakes and mirrors to make sure everything is working properly.

Adding Cameras
Consider adding corner cameras to give an extended view around your truck, this can help prevent collisions when turning.

Kerb Mirror
(VTP Part No. 209590


209590 Enhance Safety

Brand: Volvo, DAF, Renault
Fitments: FL, FE, LF45II / III / IV, LF55II / III / IV, Midlum, Premium, Kerax 2005>2006, Premium II

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Complete Front View Mirror Assembly
(VTP Part No. 209613)


209613 Enhance Safety

Brand: Volvo, DAF, Renault
Fitments: FL, FE, LF45II / III / IV, LF55II / III / IV, Midlum, Premium, Kerax 2005>2006, Premium II

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190037OEM Feeling The Heat

Kerb Observation Mirror
(VTP Part No. 509183


509183 Enhance Safety

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209521OEM Feeling The Heat

Proximity Mirror Kit
(VTP Part No. 109670)


109670 Enhance Safety

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OE’s: 1912465, 1484080, 1315311, 1916866


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