New Parts In Stock – May 2018


New parts In Stock – May 2018

We have over 10,500 products in stock at VTP, from Air Filters to Bumpers, click the banner above to browse the full range.

Steering Column Air Valve
(VTP Part No. 150036


150036 - New Product May 2018

Brand: Scania
Fitments: PRTG Series

OE’s: 1797971, 2185839

202398 Thermal Fan Hub Cojali

Crankshaft/Camshaft Sensor
(VTP Part No. 201751)


201751 - New Product May 2018

Brand: Volvo, Volvo Coach
Fitments: FL6: 1999>2006, FM: 1999>2001, B7/9/10/12

OE’s: 3944124

220066 Viscous Fan Cojali

Cab Shock Absorber, Front
(VTP Part No. 290254OEM)


290254OEM - New Product May 2018

Brand: Volvo
Fitments: FH: 2013>

OE’s: 21739591

220049NB Fan Hub Cojali

Battery Box Roller
(VTP Part No. 380022)

380022 - New Product May 2018

Brand: MAN
Fitments: MAN

OE’s: 81958010158

120001 Viscous Fan Cojali

Air Tank Strap – 25Ltr
(VTP Part No. 560062)

560062 - New Product May 2018

Brand: DAF
Fitments: CF75 IV, CF85 IV, 95XF, XF95, XF105

OE’s: 589820, 2033611, 0589820

120016NB Electric Fan Hub Cojali

Air Tank Strap – 20Ltr & 36Ltr Tanks
(VTP Part No. 560063)

560063 - New Product May 2018

Brand: DAF
Fitments: CF75 IV, CF85 IV, 85CF, 95XF, XF95, XF105

OE’s: 1795388, 0555463, 555463

520025 Viscous Fan Clutch


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