Volvo Sells It’s Millionth FH

Volvo Sells Its Millionth FH


Volvo Sells Its Millionth FH

Image via Volvo

2018 marks the 25th anniversary of the iconic Volvo FH model, and now they have even more reason to celebrate as the millionth model has just been sold.

As the Volvo FH reaches this huge milestone, we look back on the history that made the modern day classic what it is today.


1993 – The FH was introduced, with a brand new chassis, a cab designed with the driver in mind, fresh aerodynamics, VEB, and the D12A & D16 engines

1994 – The FH won Truck of The Year

1995 – Volvo introduced the first airbag for HGVs

1998 – Disc brakes with EBS made their debut

2000 – The FH won Truck of The Year again

2001 – I-Shift gearbox, and ESP were introduced

2003 – The new D16 engine, and Adaptive Cruise Control were added to the list of features

2005 – The D13 engine was also added as an option

2008 – Driver Alert Support was introduced

2012 – Collision Warning with Emergency Brake, Individual front suspension (IFS), and I-Park Cool were new features for the FH

2013 – Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS) was another new addition

2014 – I-Shift Dual Clutch was added, and the FH won Truck of the Year for the third time

2015 – Tandem Axle Lift was introduced

2016 – I-Shift with crawler gears made a huge impact on its appearance in 2016

2018 – Volvo Dynmaic Steering with lane keeping assitance, Volvo Dynamic Steering with Stability Assist, Volvo Dynamic Steering with Personal Settings, Volvo Dynamic Steering with External Steering were all added to the huge list of features of the Volvo FH


It’s clear to see why the Volvo FH has been so succesful when you look at the history; it has constantly been updated with drivers in mind. Keeping one step ahead of the competition by adding features new to the industry, to make customers lives easier and safer.

“With the Volvo FH, we have repeatedly expanded the limits of what can be achieved and created new possibilities for profitable, efficient, safer transport with ever lower environmental impact. Delivering the millionth Volvo FH to a loyal customer who has been with us for 25 years is a fantastic milestone on a fantastic journey,” says Claes Nilsson, President Volvo Trucks.


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