Various Truck Parts, where did it all begin?

If you need truck parts or workshop services for your transport company, then you’ve probably heard of VTP Ltd (Various Truck Parts). VTP evolved from Clive Richardson’s father’s company who were a direct player in road transport industry. Here’s a glimpse into how one transport company turned into another without simply fading away as many family-owned businesses do.

Various Truck Parts

From Farmer to Transporter

The late Henry Mattison Richardson started out as a farmer about halfway between Slingsby and Kirkbymoorside. In the 40s and 50s, Yorkshire was primarily a farming community, and agricultural contractors were in demand. In order to deal with the seasonal nature of agriculture, Henry invested in the necessary tractors for harvest time but also got into dealing straw and the purchasing and selling of livestock.

Cattle-dealing was basically the start of the transport business with the company bringing livestock as far as Northumberland. He started with an ‘O’ Series Bedford that he purchased second-hand. HM Richardson quickly realized that when the float-body was demounted, the truck could instead be used for things like hauling timber. As a result, what started as livestock trade turned more and more into general transport, and Henry intentionally purchased his vehicles to be easily adaptable for multi-purpose transportation.

HM Richardson Moves to Slingsby

At this point, it became necessary to set up a larger headquarters in a central hub. This happened in Slingsby in 1963. Henry took advantage of emerging technology to strike ahead in the business. For example, in a time when most trucks still only had four wheels, Henry invested in a few 8-wheelers for hauling tons of feed. While some of his three 8-wheelers lasted longer than others, they certainly caused some shock and awe when a delivery arrived on a type of vehicle no one had seen before.

HM Richardson

Then things started to change when Volvo got into the HGV industry, and Henry started buying trucks that were more reliable and comfortable for the drivers. One of the original F88s that he purchased is still owned by his son Clive, and it’s getting ready to be restored for the fourth time.

The Transition to Transportation Parts

In the 70s and 80s, HM Richardson did everything from general haulage for farmers to quarry work. But all along the way, the heart and soul of the company kept going back to working on the trucks, getting the maximum life out of every vehicle, and using them for spare parts when one had clearly hauled its last load.

Gradually, the transportation part of the business was phased out. As drivers retired or sought out other companies to work for, they were not replaced. Instead, the trucks were sold, and by 2003, HM Richardson didn’t have any more drivers. Today it has turned into VTP Ltd – specialising in commercial vehicle parts.

The farm and mills are mostly gone from Yorkshire and with them a great majority of the transport companies they supported. But for today’s transport companies, spare parts specialists are vital, and VTP Ltd has more than 30 years in the industry going back to the gradual changeover that began in the 80s from transport to parts supply.

Clive Richardson VTP

Henry Richardson created a transport company from being a livestock trader. His son Clive Richardson has turned a transport company into genuine commercial trucking parts retailer. It’s a great example of a family business that through innovation has always kept up with and even been ahead of the times.

Today Various Truck Parts employs 28 staff between its offices, warehouse and workshops at their premises in Kirby Misperton, not far from where it all began in Slingsby.

They currently stock over 10k parts to fit Volvo, Scania, Renault and DAF trucks and also coaches, all available to purchase directly from their website and are available for next (and in some cases same) day delivery.

What will the business look like in another 30 years time?

Watch this space to find out………………!


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